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When Amy Dunne disappears, her husband Nick is the obvious suspect. Here are some of the sexiest erotic thrillers ever made. Meanwhile, he meets a voodoo priestess played by Lisa Bonet, and learns that Cyphre might be hiding a shadowy secret himself.

Top erotic actress
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Top erotic actress
Top erotic actress
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Amazon iTunes The Wachowski siblings burst on the scene with this sexy crime thriller featuring Gina Gershon as an ex-con who seduces the wife of her crime boss neighbor. Fine Line Features. Amazon iTunes In Stanley Kubrick's final film, then-husband-and-wife Tom Cruise and Top erotic Kidman played a pair of Manhattanites whose relationship is tested when the wife reveals her deep sexual fantasies actress another man. Dan thinks it's a one-time fling. Dan Michael Douglas has brief weekend affair with a stranger named Alex Glenn Close when his wife and daughter are out of town.

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Top erotic actress
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